Food Pantry

Most people are embarrassed to ask for help. Many of us at HoH have been there. We understand. Our hearts go out to those in need and God has called us to act. He doesn’t want anyone to go hungry.

Recently, Hussey elementary school in Berwick and Idlehurst elementary school in Somersworth collected items for the HoH food pantry. The children presented us with certificates from each class outlining the items they had collected. They were so excited! The kids experienced the joy of helping others and we at HoH were blessed by their teamwork. Their amazing gift will help many families.

The responses we’ve seen in the community are exciting. The more HoH gives, the more we receive, the more we’re able to give. It’s a wonderful cycle we pray will continue. We also pray that no one will ever hold themselves back from partaking in these blessings.

Looking to Help?

If you or your school would like to coordinate a food drive – download our promotional toolkit to help you with your success!

We look forward to partnering with you!

During difficult times, individuals and families in the Seacoast region will seek the services of House of Hope and receive the physical, emotional, and spiritual support necessary.

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